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CMS awards Sparksoft with 5-Year $31M Prime Contract to Manage the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD)

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded Sparksoft Corporation with a 5-year, $31 Million prime contract to manage the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD). MSD provides assistance to the CMS Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) Application Development Organizations (ADO), issuers, agent brokers, Health Insurance Marketplaces, State agencies, insurance companies, Third-party Administrators (TPA), and other healthcare stakeholders with the implementation and operational issues of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA). 

Under this contract, Sparksoft will perform activities that support the MSD services delivered to MSD customers through the following tasks: 

Provide Service Desk Operations, Customer Satisfaction Management, Service Level Management (SLM), Knowledge Management, Incident and Case Management, Access Management, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Implementation Plan, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), MSD User Guide, and Escalation Plan. 

Improve services via new service desk technologies, processes, and procedures to continually enhance efficiencies and to increase the number of service desks supported by CMS without impacting service levels to support the Agency’s mission and accomplish their strategic goals. 

Incorporate best practices to respond, resolve and, as necessary, escalate operational and technical support inquiries made to the MSD in accordance with the Experience Level Agreement (XLA). 

Provide Business Operations activities that include hours of operation, collecting and maintaining customer interaction data, and producing required performance metrics and reports. 

“We are honored and humbled that the government continues to trust us with support on some of the most mission-critical public health programs that impact our families and communities.” said Sparksoft’s President Ms. Siva Sivaraman. Sparksoft’s CEO, Mr. Mike Finkel stated that “The MSD expands Sparksoft’s footprint supporting vital pillars of the ACA Marketplace on CCIIO programs like Hub and MIDAS, as well as our portfolio of large-scale contact center operations support on IQA and ESC programs across the CMS ecosystem. It is truly a privilege to be such a trusted partner to our CMS clients, who are some of the most dedicated public servants leading transformational missions. We take our responsibility to ensure that the marketplace is sustainable for years to come very seriously through our obligation to continue seeking out holistic synergies, efficiencies, and technical breakthroughs for the agency at an enterprise-scale.” 

This award builds on Sparksoft’s certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) and experience with high-volume contact center operations providing Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) monitoring of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) at 1-800-MEDICARE Contact Center Operations (CCO), and as a subcontractor on the Marketplace Eligibility Support Contract (ESC), where our CSRs maintain a 98% Quality Score supporting eligibility determinations for Health Insurance Marketplaces, as well as Sparksoft’s extensive support across Federal and State-based ACA Marketplace pillars like the Multidimensional Insurance Data Analytics System (MIDAS), Federal Data Services Hub (Hub), and Marketplace Program Integrity Contract (MPIC). To learn more about Sparksoft’s role in supporting CCIIO with the ACA Marketplace during the Coronavirus pandemic, see” 

See the press release here. 

Source: CMS Awards Sparksoft with a 5-Year $31M Prime Contract to Manage the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD), May 3, 2022. Sparksoft. 

G2X TAKE: Expanding its footprint supporting mission critical programs within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Sparksoft, an 8(a) EDWOSB with listed capabilities in HCD, cyber, data science and test automation beat out three other bidders to be awarded a new 5-year contract to manage the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD). The contract was awarded using CIO-SP3SB SB as a small business set-aside action.

Take Bytes 

  • This award to Sparksoft builds on a growing footprint for this team with CMS and recent wins to include a $40M Innovation Center Independent Testing Service (ICITS) contract and being named to the $500M Data Analytics Supporting Healthcare (DASH) BPA. 
  • Sparksoft lists an extensive history of past performance with the Agency to include CMS/CCIIO Marketplace Advisor System Integrator (MASI); CMS/CCIIO Affordable Care Act (ACA) Testing; CMS/CCIIO Multidimensional Information Data and Analytics System (MIDAS); CMS/OIT HETS Independent Testing Contractor (HITC); and CMS/CMMI Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V). See the complete list here. 
  • The company recently announced that Mark Patzschke has joined as Director of Capture responsible for business development, capture, and proposal management for its core and strategic account, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  More on that here.
  • Led by a team of CMS industry veterans, to include Michael Finkel, Chief Executive Officer; Venky Iyer, Chief Operating Officer;  Adam John, CISO; and Gary Rubalsky, EVP, Sparksoft recently added to its long list of contract vehicles picking up a spot on 8(a) STARS III. More here. 
Award ID: 75FCMC22F0056
Referenced IDV ID: 75N98120D00078

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