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Digital VA: Their Words, Not Ours — OIT Leading Customer Service Efforts Locally and Nationally

Knowledgeable. Tenacious. Courteous. Unfailingly helpful. Lightning fast. Exceptional.

This is how thousands of customers across the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) describe us in Office of Information and Technology (OIT). Each year, feedback is gathered from OIT’s Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, which gauges its customers’ satisfaction with VA IT products and services, including VA’s IT infrastructure, OIT customers’ digital experience, and customer service interactions, providing OIT decision makers greater insight into what’s working well and what needs improvement. From enhanced kiosk support to deploying apps and IT services that are accessible to all Veterans, this feedback is vital to OIT’s ongoing digital transformation as a leader in the federal IT sector…

Improved OIT Customer Support Practices

OIT’s ASCI score demonstrates the impact of actionable OIT customer support improvements in several key areas, including IT troubleshooting, information sharing, and application of best practices.  A central component to OIT’s customer satisfaction culture shift is initiatives put into practice by the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD), which serves as VA’s single point of contact for IT related issues — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — for more than 550,000 customers… Read the full article here.



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