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Federal News Network: ‘BatCave’ signals CMS’ progress toward moving to the cloud

On the outside, many think of CMS has old stodgy, boring stuck in yesteryear with mainframes and COBOL.

But find the secret switch in the bust to open the door behind the bookcase, slide down the pole and you’ll discover the BatCave.

“The official government acronym is the continuous authorization and verification engine, and really what it boils down to is a software factory or a container-based platform to streamline software development efforts, ATO preparation efforts and the ongoing maintenance and runtime that goes into building a system. All in the name of trying to make developers lives easier as they build software for CMS,” said Robert Wood, the CMS chief information security officer, in an interview with Federal News Network. “It’s a DevSecOps platform and a software factory as I view them almost as one in the same in some ways. It’s the combination of the accumulation of technologies, processes and the culture that goes into building software and getting out the door quickly and aligning to continuous deployment principles.” … Read the full article here.



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