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Federal News Network: Despite initial challenges, DOD on track to finish deployment of new EHR by next year

The Defense Department is nearing the finish line in deploying its new, multibillion dollar electronic health record around the world. But the program executive office DOD stood up a decade ago to manage the project isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After all, as the saying goes, software is never done.

MHS Genesis, DOD’s Cerner-based EHR, is now live at 75% of DOD’s clinics and hospitals, with 160,000 users and 6.1 million beneficiaries in the system so far. The department is on track to finish the project, including the addition of its overseas military treatment facilities (MTFs), by next March, according to DOD’s 2024 budget submission…

[Holly Joers, the program executive officer for Defense Healthcare Management Systems] said DOD’s experience has been that the deployment process works much, much better once it’s moved beyond the first few sites. After that, a lot of lessons have been learned, and the institution can start to converge around change management and IT deployment practices that make sense for the whole enterprise.

“I can’t comment specifically on VA, but when I look at where they are now, I’m taken back to where DOD was in the 2017-2018 timeframe,” she said. “There were challenges with the network, and so we made rules about what infrastructure had to be in place before a go-live, and how long it needed to be stable before we went live. We looked at our governance and management process to hear different inputs. When you’re only dealing with four sites, everyone wants to make it work for what their workflow was before. So you really have to have the fortitude to look at making an enterprise standard, knowing that it might not match what they’re currently doing today. And we had to go through those growing pains.” … Read the full article here.

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