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Federal News Network: How contractors can develop a better nose for where the money is

Tom Temin: I guess people should know what to listen for and where to look for clues to spending in 2024?

Larry Allen: Tom, the action right now is in the House and Senate Appropriations Committees as they go through their annual ritual of hearing from cabinet secretaries and other senior executive branch officials talking about the president’s FY24 budget request. And while some people claim that that request is dead on arrival, the fact is, Tom, there’s going to be a lot of what’s in that budget request that makes its way through either in part or in whole at the end of the congressional appropriations process. So if you’re a government contractor, this is a great time to pay attention to what is happening up on Capitol Hill. Listen to what it is the cabinet secretaries say, not just in their prepared remarks, but in the questions and answers they have with members of the appropriations panels. Also, I think it’s important to hear just what’s on the mind of the appropriators. They’re going to have an impact on how legislation is formed, Tom, that’s going to shape the way the money is spent in the next fiscal year. So if you’re paying attention right now to both what the executive branch is saying and the questions that congressmen and senators are asking, as a contractor, you’re going to begin to get a better idea what your following year could look like. Read the full interview here.

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