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GovCIO: Data Literacy Programs Are Taking Shape Across Government

Data literacy is also gaining attention from lawmakers. The Data Science and Literacy Act of 2023, introduced to the House in February, is one way Congress aims to increase access to data science education, reduce course equity gaps for all students and help build the 21st century STEM workforce.

“Data touches everything we do. Data education is integral to bolstering our global competitiveness, unlocking good-paying jobs and fostering a well-informed society,” Rep. Haley Stevens said in a press release for the bill…

Five years later, EIDS has streamlined 23 warehouses of various sizes and capabilities into what is now the Military Health Systems Information Platform (MHS MIP).

The effort aims to connect and deliver all of the military health data that is not just limited to clinical data of the 9.6 million beneficiaries. It also includes all the data adjacent to it, such as financial data or materiel data… Read the full article here.

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