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GovCIO: Federal Agencies Leveraging Data to Promote Equity and Improve Critical Services

Federal technology leaders are using proprietary data to deliver critical services in ways that advance both their quality and equity of access…

Organizations like the Defense Health Agency maintain large repositories of data and tissue samples that have considerable potential to be applied towards health care research programs, with these agencies beginning to invest in the kind of data processing and secure information sharing capacities necessary to galvanize these assets…

Similar initiatives are underway across the Department of Veteran Affairs that uses the agency’s health care information and in-house expertise to support research programs designed to advance both diagnostics and care for a range of health conditions. This has been a special focus of the Million Veteran Program that analyzes large quantities of genomic data, making the results and anonymous statistical overlays available both within VA and to partner research organizations.

“The Million Veteran Program is such a large resource of data, and we want to make this data work for veterans. That’s also why we want more people outside of the VA to be able to use it,” said Dr. Jennifer Moser, associate director of scientific programs for the VA’s Million Veteran Program. “A couple of ways we’re doing this is we make all of our summary statistics and our summary data from MVP projects available on NIH [database of genotypes and phenotypes]. It’s not identifiable or individual level data, its summary data, but it’s able to be mined by almost anyone.”… Read the full article here.


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