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Nextgov: White House Advocates Cloud Investment as a Path to Artificial Intelligence

Federal agencies that want to successfully scale and implement cloud computing systems into existing infrastructure can do so through several key practices, including designating expert teams, two-factor authentication, and enhanced education opportunities among users.

Outlined in a White House report published earlier this month, officials documented how cloud computing systems can support further federal research and development in artificial intelligence, a goal within the broader Biden administration…

“Agencies that have undertaken early efforts to leverage commercial cloud computing resources to advance AI R&D have commonly experienced benefits to their investments in terms of providing internal and external researchers persistent, on-demand access to cutting-edge capabilities, accelerating experimentation and the use of AI in new domains, and enabling reproducibility and scalability of the research activities and results,” the report explains.

Four best practices emerged from a survey of federal agencies adopting cloud computing for R&D purposes, the first being the designation of administrative teams to manage the implementation of cloud systems into existing infrastructure. These teams will also focus on providing training to other federal employees engaging with cloud computing to facilitate individual research goals… Read the full article here.


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