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VA seeking Director, Change Management Coordination (OEHRM)

“The incumbent functions as a principal staff advisor to a health care management official, i.e., Director, Change Management Coordination (DCMC), on change management operations and is responsible for the development and enhancement of change management activities for OEHRM. Provides expert consultation to each Veterans Integrated Service Network’s (VISN’s) change leads and change coordinators pre-deployment, deployment, post-Go Live, and sustainment.”


  • Provides support to the DCMC for national level change management strategy creation and leads the execution of change management delivery at the VISN and local level.
  • Engages the Facility change leads and change coordinators who will work 100% for OEHRM via MOU during deployment.
  • As Senior Change Management Specialist, plays a key role in the execution of all field facing change management activities for all end-users being impacted by EHRM at the Facility, VISN, and National level under their purview. This encompasses all clinical and non-clinical staff at VAMCs, all VISN-level functions (e.g., telehealth providers, Managerial Cost Accounting staff, etc.), and all National level staff (e.g., Office of Information Technology, Veterans Benefits Administration, Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy, Vet Centers, Veterans Crisis Line, etc.).
  • Ensures that the strategies are being developed and implemented at the multiple sites across multiple VISNs for which they are responsible.
  • Ensures the change management activities deployed across the organization in service of successful end-user adoption, which will be tracked through change management specific evaluation.
  • Works closely with leadership in VA, VHA, and OEHRM, as well as others outside VA such as DoD and academic partners, to execute a change management program to meet the needs of those end-users of the modernized EHR within the VISNs and sites under their purview.
  • Analyzes and reviews operations plans and objectives and monitors comprehensive program plans, budgets, and schedules to provide feedback to the DCMC, which will be used to adjust change management strategy and execution as necessary.
  • Works closely with leadership at all levels, both inside and outside OEHRM, to ensure OEHRM is effective in its approach to fulfilling program objectives.
  • Ensures and coordinates the prioritization of business requirements for a portfolio that is national in scope, organizational operations, and program/project evaluation.

Read the full job description here.



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